Congratulations to Alexandra and Micheal Guido

 Congratulations to Alexandra Guido for winning the Eastern Conference Finals. Congratulations to Michael Guido for taking 3rd for his first dirt bike race.

Kids Enjoying the Sports

  Photo Gallery  

Indiana Motorcycle Show
February 2003 Tom with Ben Bostrom
Daytona Bike Week
March 2003 / Tom with Knievel
Key West Trip
March 2003
Supermotard Race
April & May 2003
California Trip
June 2003
Tom and Metzger
New Shop
8 State Highway 94
Lafayette NJ 07848
Halloween Party
October 2003-2006
Virgina AMA National
October 03 2003
Vegas AMA National
November 03 2003
Indiana Motorcycle Show
February 2004
Miscellaneous Photos
FEBRUARY 2005 Tom and Araon Yates
July 8-10 2005 Mazda Raceway
Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA
Kim and Brad Pitt

Vietnam 2005
Road TripTom on a Road Trip to Vietnam

July 21-23 2006 Mazda Raceway
Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA


Alaska Trip April 2008

Costa Rica 2008

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   Sparta Mohawk House Benefit for the Sparta First Aid Squad

 Thank you all for coming out to the Mohawk House to support the Sparta First Aid Squad!


-Umbrella Girls/Friends