The Bassani Brothers

Sunset Ridge National - 5/13/2010 - Walnut, IL

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DJ swept both motos for the overall win in the 50 CVT (6-8) class.  This win puts him 59 points clear in the series championship and continues his undefeated streak!  In the 70 CVT (6-11) class DJ used a 4th and 2nd in the motos to earn a 2nd place overall finish. 

Brandon is still smiling after combining an 8th and 9th in the motos for an overall 9th place in the 50 Limited Jr. (4-6) class

ATV National at Spring Creek - 6/10/2010 - Millville, MNClick here to read more about D.J.

DJ Bassani continued his domination of the 50 CVT (6-8) class with a clean sweep of the motos and of course the overall win!!   DJ also brought home a win the 70 CVT (6-11) class!!!  Headed into TN, DJ is in 1st in both classes for the series. 

Brandon Bassani continues to improve as evidenced by his best finishe of the year, an 8th place in the 50 Limited Jr class.  Good job Brandon!

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The Guido Kids

The Guido Children Taking Over!

Name: Alexandra Guido

Age:  11

Home Track:  Island Dragway, New Jersey

Years Racing: 1st Year

Sponsors:   Craws Racing, 856 231 8902

he Graphic Center Commercial Printers, Dover, N.J. 
973 366 6676

Motorcycle Madness, Lafayette, N.J.  973 579 6088

Car:   2004 Mike Bos

Hobbies:   Working on my junior dragster, Softball, Basketball


2006 Conference Finals

Only the best of the best were invited, and yes all 3 Guido‘s are in .Alexandra Guido 12 year’s old, current PA point’s leader show’s only 1- loss for the 2006 season. Guido get’s a little early morning practice with her dad before the evenings grand stands get packed. Alexandra will compete for the second time against her younger brother Anthony in the finals. Story is Alexandra has her hands full .When speaking with Anthony he states, “he doesn’t like racing against his sister & hope’s his father does something a little extra to make his car faster. We both race about 73 mph but she get’s lucky on the tree.” The excitement doesn’t stop there; older sister Nicole Guido is looking for another win in the 7.90 class. Nicole is ranked # 2 in points. With fans on there feet, all eye’s will be on the Guido family.

Congratulations to Alexandra Guido for winning the Eastern Conference Finals.  Alley is truly a racer, she loves the sport & the people in it. The car was dialed in & ran 100% perfect each round. She sang the National Anthem, and wins a Wally Lots Of $$$.. Yeah Alley!  Alexandra is Sponsored by Tom Sonnenberg of Motorcycle Madness -WINS the NHRA EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS IN BRISTOL Tenn.





This Thursday evening, September 12, FOX 5 will broadcast a clip on the kids racing. @ 10PM. Alexandra won the 2006 POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP Nicole came in 3rd Anthony came in 5th Pretty unbelievable considering 3 kids from the same family finish top 5.

Little Alexandra Guido Took 1st Place 05 racing|Little Alexandra Guido Took 1st Place 05 racing




DKD Racing

Kristen, John Ford and Dad!!! Having fun with the girls  (Kristen, Kim and Trish) Beating all the boys!

DKD Racing

Name:   Kristen Wetzel

Home Track:    Island Dragway, Great Meadows New Jersey, Raceway Park Englishtown

Years Racing:   Raced a 67 Camaro in the past.  Just recently got her license in a Super comp dragster and is looking for sponsorships.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring Kristen you can email her wetzelkr@yahoo.com

Sponsors:     Motorcycle Madness, Lafayette, N.J.  973 579 6088

 Hobbies:   Loves any type of racing, def. not high maintenance enjoys any out doors activites.

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